Rhino for Landscape Design

Rhino is versatile 3D modelling software where its unique features and capabilities are particularly valuable for landscape design.

The ability to create intricate, smooth curves and surfaces with NURBS suits the demands of landscape design, where the gentle contours of terrain, the flow of water features, and the arrangement of vegetation all require precision and attention to detail.

What sets Rhino apart for landscape design is its adaptability to accommodate the elements of outdoor environments. From terrain modelling to the placement of trees, plants, and water bodies, Rhino provides a robust platform for conceptualising and visualising landscape designs. Compatibility with plugins further enhances its capabilities, offering tools for terrain analysis, sunlight simulation, and even ecosystem modelling.

Through Rhino, landscape designers can bring their visions to life, allowing them to iterate and refine their concepts while considering the practicalities of site planning and environmental impact.


NURBS Modeling

Rhino is based on NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) modelling, which allows for the creation of smooth and precise curves and surfaces. This makes it well-suited for producing accurate and high-quality 3D models.

3D Modelling Tools

Rhino offers a wide range of tools for creating, editing, and manipulating 3D geometry. These tools include options for drawing curves, surfaces, solids, and more.

Learning Curve

While Rhino’s interface is user-friendly, it can have a learning curve just like any 3D application. However, you’ll find many helpful tutorials, online resources, and communities available to help users learn and improve their skills.

Rendering and Visualisation

While Rhino itself is primarily a modelling software, it also supports various rendering plugins or integrations that allow you to create realistic visualisations of your models.

Rhino 3D

Rhino 3D for Mac & Windows

This is the base package of Rhino. Professional, versatile, and available as a perpetual licence – pay once and it’s yours to keep!

LandsDesign for Rhino

LandsDesign for Rhino

Plug LandsDesign into Rhino to generate 2D layouts, 3D models and realistic images and videos.

Requires Rhino

Rhino LandsDesign Bundle

Bundle: Rhino & LandsDesign

Rhino and LandDesign together – everything you need for all scales of landscape architecture and urban planning.