Rhino for Computational Design

Above and beyond Rhino’s high quality modelling and versatility, it’s increasingly known for its computational design functionality within Grasshopper (included free within Rhino). Grasshopper allows users to build and iterate parametric models using a visual or pure scripting interface.
Grasshopper allows users to approach design in a number of novel ways, for example:
  • Mathematically iterate forms and designs to create new and unfamiliar concepts.
  • Connect to live inputs – allowing designs to change or evolve in response to changing parameters.
  • Create complex geometry that would be difficult to model by hand.

Grasshopper has been used by architects to create repeating and organic-type forms, by environmentalists to visualise the impact on a model under changing conditions and by designers to create sets of repeatable designs that can be quickly adjusted with just a few changes.



Introducing Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a parametric design tool that surfaces programming controls in a user interface. This video is an overview of what Grasshopper is and why people use it.

Rhino 3D

Rhino 3D for Mac & Windows

This is the base package of Rhino. Professional, versatile, and available as a perpetual licence – pay once and it’s yours to keep!