RhinoArtisan (formerly 2Shapes for Rhino)

RhinoArtisan for Rhino 3D is a cutting-edge jewellery design and manufacturing software, tailored to both jewellery artisans and seasoned professionals.

This powerful plugin seamlessly integrates with Rhino 3D, empowering users to create stunning and intricate jewellery pieces with unparalleled precision. Featuring intuitive parametric design tools, precise measurements, advanced rendering, and comprehensive reporting, RhinoArtisan simplifies every step of the jewellery design process.

From ideation to production, it offers a seamless transition, ensuring that your designs are not only exquisite but also ready for manufacturing.


Product Details

RhinoArtisan for Rhino 3D: Redefine Jewellery Design

Welcome to the future of jewellery design and manufacturing with RhinoArtisan for Rhino 3D. Whether you’re a seasoned jeweller or a passionate newcomer, RhinoArtisan empowers you to create breathtaking jewellery pieces with precision and artistry like never before.


Key Features

💍 Parametric Jewellery Design
Craft exquisite jewellery designs with ease using RhinoArtisan’s intuitive parametric tools. Create rings, pendants, earrings, and more, all with customisable details.

📏 Precise Measurements
Ensure perfection in every piece with accurate measurements and gemstone settings. RhinoArtisan’s precision tools make it ideal for creating intricate jewellery.

🎨 Advanced Rendering
Bring your designs to life with stunning visualisations. RhinoArtisan offers advanced rendering options for photorealistic jewellery presentations.

📜 Customisable Reports
Generate detailed reports and documentation for your jewellery creations, making it easy to share designs with clients and manufacturers.

🪙 Manufacturing-Ready
Seamlessly transition from design to production. RhinoArtisan offers features for CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) and 3D printing compatibility.

👩‍🏭 Integration
Work seamlessly within Rhino 3D’s familiar environment while enjoying RhinoArtisan’s specialised jewellery design features.



Why Choose RhinoArtisan for Rhino 3D?

RhinoArtisan sets the industry standard for jewellery design software, trusted by jewellery professionals worldwide. It combines cutting-edge technology with artistic freedom, making it the ultimate tool for jewellery designers and manufacturers.

Start Crafting Your Masterpieces

Embrace the artistry of jewellery design with RhinoArtisan for Rhino 3D. From concept to creation, RhinoArtisan empowers you to craft jewellery that inspires. Purchase RhinoArtisan now and embark on a journey of creativity and craftsmanship.

System Requirements:

  • Rhino 7 or 8
  • Windows 11, 10 or 8.1
  • 16 GB or more recommended
  • 4 GB Video RAM recommended

RhinoArtisan for Rhino 3D is available as a digital download. After purchase, you’ll receive a license key and access to our support resources to help you shine in the world of jewellery design.

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